Film Victoria funded not for profit app now available from App Stores worldwide.

Melbourne, Australia – 7th May 2020 – Melbourne based indie studio 15 Minutes Of Game today launched its debut app ‘I Want To Go To Mars’ on iOS and Android app stores worldwide priced at £1.99UK / €2.49EU / $1.99US / $2.99AU.

I Want To Go To Mars is funded by Film Victoria which has enabled the team to eliminate all in-app purchases/adverts so that kids of all ages can enjoy the experience uninterrupted.

Robyn & Teddy always did like sand. After their sandpit gets ruined by a big scary rainstorm, they decided they want to go to a place that never rains, where it’s always sunny and where they will never run out of sand… they want to go to Mars. Play as Robyn & Teddy as they point & click their way to the stars and beyond. A story-driven narrative adventure, suitable for all ages!

“I Want To Go To Mars is a great way to bring families together, especially in these difficult times, it’s the perfect adventure for both Adults & Children,” commented Charlie Kenihan co-founder of 15 Minutes Of Game.

“We hope our first adventure on app stores will bring escapism and a sense of excitement to those who pluck up the courage to take a trip to Mars with Robyn and Teddy!”

I Want To Go To Mars Features
* A humble narrative mobile adventure through the colourful world of a child’s imagination.
* Design your spaceship, dodge asteroids, explore your ship, collect star fuel on your way to Mars.
* Unique hand drawn art style with all ages humour and meaningful character interaction
* Fun Narration & Puns

About I Want To Go To Mars
I Want To Go To Mars began as a group summer project in 2018, designed as a learning experience into the game dev & publishing process. It soon took a life of its own becoming a year-long part-time process for its 2 devs (Charlie Kenihan & Nick Margerison) and their contributors. The concept was born from Charlie’s love for the stars and Nicks experience in youth work and education.

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