Swiss tech firm provide astonishingly complete assets with world-first features, delivered in record time.

Bern, Switzerland May 18th 2020 – SO REAL Digital Twins AG are poised to smash traditional 3D asset production timelines and pass on significant cost savings to production studios with their world’s first and fastest 3D asset tech tool for Film, XR and VFX industries.

SO REAL deliver engine-ready digital twin assets, with astonishingly complete topology – every scuff, mark and feature faithfully replicated in perfect detail -both inside and out. Its blockbusting Superman X-ray mode, shatter effect and built-in physics complete the show-stopping abundance of cool features that deliver more immersive, realistic assets for use in film and XR experiences.

Bespoke scans can be achieved in a matter of hours vs days and their aggressive machine learning program aims to fully automate production by 2021. Offering both bespoke and fully automated, off-the-shelf solutions, SO REAL continue to revolutionise the supply of cinematic quality assets to film, XR and VFX industries.

Raffael Dickreuter, Head of Film & AR, SO REAL, commented,

“For the first time ever, companies looking to receive high quality, ultra-detailed 3d models get an actual digital twin of the real-world item. This includes parts of objects that are usually hidden inside–as internal details are also scanned with – in all their detail. SO REAL pushes the boundaries of what has been possible with digital twins to a new level for film, AR, VR, games and visualizations.”

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