New Website

Hi everyone,

Now the new work on the websites is complete I will no longer be updating this site, although we will be leaving it for reference.

This site came with some restrictions and we felt it was time to move to a better system, we hope you love the new sites.

The new Norwich Nights Magazine site is

This site is now exclusively for Norwich Nights as The South Wales Connection, has now become The Wales Connection and has it’s own magazine and site.

The Wales Connection at:

All sales based activity is now handled via our store at

This is so you can enjoy reading our blogs without any of the sales stuff.

Our Limited Company Intermagazines Ltd also has it’s own website at

We are looking forward developing the magazine 2021 and excited that we have a forum on the shop website for you to interact with us.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and see you soon.

N.B don’t forget to book your free ticket for our launch event via zoom on 3 February 2021at 1:30 (GMT)

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