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New Rates!

Valid until 31 March 2021

New Rates Card!

As part of the ongoing changes here at Norwich Nights Ltd, we have revamped our pricing structure. I am pleased to announce we are improving on our current rate which the new rates being mostly lower, we will also we introducing a 10 advert rate, where you can essentially place a advert in every issue for a lower rate.

The 10-issue rate:

¼ page –              £50.00

½ page –              £120.00

Full Page –           £150.00

Premium Page £375.00

Artwork can be updated and varied throughout the year and full payment is required in advance to secure this rate.

Charity Rates will be as follows:

  • ¼ page     £0.75
  • ½ page    £1.60
  • Full page £2.20
  • Premium £4.20

As the magazine moves to a multiple income stream business, we are now linking our rates directly to our readership will currently stands at just over 1,000 readers our readers are spread over a international audience and our a combination of online, paid subscriptions, and email subscribers. This way of pricing allows us to give our clients the best value, while being able to concentrate on what matters producing the best adverts with the best placement.

The pricing will be review quarterly and increase in line with readership increases per thousand. We have also made the commitment to provide free print copies to every advertiser.

A media pack is currently in production as part of the new website.

WE’re looking for 2 experts to join our expert panel coming in 2021.

Photo by Ayyub Yahaya on Pexels.com

As announced on Twitter new for 2021 we are introducing a experts panel into the magazine, we are currently looking for a theatre and gaming expert, the panel will be 250 words for each panelist and will cover there specialist area, and the readers will have the opportunity to ask questions via email and the panelist having complete control over what questions they choose to answer.

Don’t let the word expert throw you, we are looking for someone who has experience in either theatre or gaming professionally, and would like to write a short piece each month and have it published in the magazine.

As a small independent magazine, we have a limited budget, but are offering a small rate for this work to be increased as the magazine grows.

If interested contact me for more details at: norwich-nights-magazine@outlook.com

Going Digital update:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Just to keep you all updated following our announcement that we are ceasing all free print copies from this week. We’ve been looking into digital options for a while now, but be assured that Norwich Nights Magazine will continue as usual while we do, so some more announcements.

We’ve have been considering for a long time (more or less since the beginning) how to make Norwich Nights more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and struggled for a while because well let’s face it magazines are made from paper which requires chopping down trees and printing on recycled paper is expensive.

Going digital and print on demand seems to the answer at this point, We can confirm that we are currently working on a Google App, we’re adding a PDF subscription offer which will be £14.00 for the year any sign-up in 2020 will automatically get October, November, and December 2020 for free then all 10 issues in 2021. Also we are looking to update the website in January when the current website expires, so we can then offer online advertising, reach a wider audience: the magazine website is currently limited in terms of SEO tools etc which restricts our reach, and we also want to add a donate button to the blog that was currently suggested by readers of the blog. We are also in the process of creating a digital media kit for and this will operate as a page of the website and be downloadable as a PDF.

Our application for funding failed, we were planning to use that, to fund writers and equipment, so it is essential to raise the cost of our advertising following the reduction we implemented for 2020 – our advertising currently starts from £15.00 for a half page and is valid until the December issue 2020, I will announce the new rates in a later update. We are also launching sponsorship packages soon.

Finally we have parted ways with the Yumpu.com publishing service, and have added Magloft instead this month so you can read the magazine for free on Magloft or Issuu.com, or flip5hmtl.com

Will be back soon with more updates.

Changes: Stopping print Copies.

Hey Everyone,

As you know we’ve been considering the viability of the print copy of the magazine for a while now here at Norwich Nights, honestly I had hoped we could continue to fund and expand the number of copies we distribute. After careful consideration we’ve decided to cancel the free print copies, while I know it may be disappointing each copy of Norwich Nights Magazine cost around £3.00 to print with print costs increasing all the time. At the magazine we rely on advertising sales to fund the running costs and free issues, and in the current economical climate our revenue from advertising has reduced substantially.

For a while now we have been exploring how to make the magazine more sustainable and environmentally friendly, exploring ideas like a digital magazine and mobile apps, so we will be redirecting our energy and resources in this direct. We are currently looking into developing an app and launching a new website.

As from 14 September 2020 there will be no free distribution, we will continue to sell subscriptions, we have set the price at £2.95 a copy or £28.00 for a year (10 copies) and will update you on the app development and digital platform as we go along. we will also add in a digital subscription in the coming days.

Thank you everyone who has and continues to support the magazine, we couldn’t do this without you.

Who Are Norwich Nights LTD?

Norwich Nights Ltd is the company that runs Norwich nights Magazine which started in Norwich in February 2020 focusing on theatre, food, and gaming the magazine is designed to be a celebration of those industries within Norwich and now South Wales too.

The Magazine is run by Melissa Compton, the director at Norwich Nights and includes features from local writers, while Melissa is a new name to Norwich (or was in February 2020) she has more of a connection within Wales.

Melissa moved to Wales in 2011 to Risca in County Caerphilly before moving to Swansea 2 years later to settle. In 2017 she began studying English and Media at Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2017 and the following year began writing entertainment reviews for Cardiff Times Magazine, and working in the office on the blog and social media posts. After completing over 30 reviews for Cardiff Times she started Cardiff Let’s Talk Theatre before relocating to Norwich to start running the magazine.

In July 2020 Melissa returned to Swansea, and the idea for the South Wales connection was born and began taking shape, after meeting many travellers and business owners in Norwich who had settled from Wales only to visit regularly, the connections between Norwich and Wales became clear, one conversation struck a cord with Melissa it was the one that revealed a person visiting Wales had no idea what was open, what there was to do, it became obvious there was a need to share information. Also with Businesses like Norfolk Gin distributing to both Norwich and Cardiff, the connections are many. The new section will celebrate food, theatre, and gaming within Wales and the magazine will be available in both locations.

Melissa hopes that you enjoy the new section and come along with the magazine as it gives South Wales the coverage it deserves and continues to serve the Norwich community including its Welsh residents.


Introducing the South Wales Connection.

Part of Norwich Nights Magazine.

On my travels, locally and online I came across many people that have relocated from Wales mainly Cardiff and it’s surrounding valleys and Swansea, the one conversation that struck me was one where someone said to me “I don’t even know what’s open or what’s not – what will there be to do on my visit?” It was shortly after that I came up with the concept of ‘The South Wales Connection’ and as I split my time between Swansea and Norwich am in the perfect position to launch this section. The new section of the magazine will cover the food, theatre, and gaming – maybe some rugby (it is Wales after all). The new section will have it own social media channels as my experience of running Cardiff Let’s Talk Theatre taught me, conversations can move quite fast, and I don’t want to overwhelm Norwich Nights current social media channels. The South Wales Connection will also contain advertising set at the same amount of Norwich Nights Magazine and limited to 1/4 of the content.

I hope that you enjoy the section, the distribution will also be expanded to free distribution in Swansea.

Click here to go straight to our The South Wales Connection page.

I will post more news as it happens.

Melissa Compton

Editor/Director at Norwich Nights Ltd