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Magazine update August:

UPDATE: September’s issue will be distributed as normal. next month’s issue’s will only be available as a print copy by order from the website it’s free for all Norwich Residents just fill out the simple form here:

Norwich Nights Magazine Future Outline!

Norwich Nights Magazine – Future outline.

Since I launched the crowdfunding campaign to save the print version I thought it would be a good time to write the outline of where I would like the magazine to go what are the plans for the future of the magazine. Firstly it was never my intention to produce a magazine where I did the majority of the work, the plan was and still is to build a team, the money would need to be there to fund this, but my ideal team would be the following:

Editor – to oversee the components of the magazine and responsible for formatting/layout and proofreading the final copy.

Copywriter – would write the editorial for adverts (unless I took personal responsibility for the advert), writing sections like the 4 things to do this month (diary pages) etc – basically our standard pages.

I want four columnists: a food columnist, Gaming columnist, Sport – boxing or football columnist maybe both if budget ever allows, Theatre columnist.

2 additional writers in any of the following areas – football, boxing, gaming, food, or theatre.

They would have control of invites but also the direction of the content columnists are not required to pitch ideas in the same way a writer would need too, they are allocated a section of the magazine usually up to 0-6 pages, I like to give columnists free reign so they are free to create and have flexibility. The writers are required to pitch and contribute articles to the magazine to be approved by the editor.

PayScale’s: I have decided that instead of offering wages I will move to a payment scale per piece of work to be decided when the magazine has a budget to pay for such work, right now we are just surviving so this is a little way down the line.

All our writers will be freelancers, and I plan to support them in anyway, I can, I plan to develop a benefit package eventually.

Social Media and digital content manager: honestly for this role I would love to hire a student looking for their first role, basically they would manage digital content on the website and the various social media channels.

Advertising Manager – the person that everything else centres around, to pay for Norwich Nights Magazine, we need advertising sales and subscriptions, I am still developing the sales process.

That would be the team, I would want, and to outsource to an accountant and distribution services when needed.

All members of the team would be required to learn our mission statement which is simply: Great writing – Reduced Advertising – Accessible to all

Norwich Nights Magazine is currently 48 pages long I would like to increase that to 92 pages – we only started with 20 a few months ago, my plan is to keep the design service which designs adverts and office stationery there are no plans to expand it at this point. I would like to offer a monthly box subscription service, to be themed sport/food/film/theatre/gaming, also would like to host an annual party/picnic. The charity advertising rates will remain 10% of our regular rates, also I want to nominate a charity each year and donate 2% of our profits to them, as well as increasing video content. The final plan is to host an annual award ceremony with a focus on start-up businesses in Norfolk I also want to extent the magazine out to Norfolk and Suffolk with our circulation and advertising.

As you can see lots of plans nothing earth shattering but there are a lot of variables in the process none of this will be possible without the support of the local community and it all takes money and time. The dream is there now it’s just about working hard to make it happen.

I hope you will continue to support us in whatever way you can as we move into new times ahead. There is some brilliant talent in Norwich both in the business community and in terms of undiscovered writers and with your help I hope to be celebrating them all and this fine city for a long time to come.

 Melissa xx

Save our print copy and thank you.

Hi, as you will tell if you have watched the above video it’s short and to the point, truth is Norwich Nights Magazine is fighting for survival in these uncertain time our slogan is and always will be that this is the magazine Norwich deserves, the magazine was started to celebrate all that Norwich has to offer and to bring gaming into the mainstream media we still hold true to those goals, currently I have been investing in producing the print copy of the magazine at my own cost, I can’t afford to do that anymore. It seems very likely that to ensure our future we need to crowdfund, we need support and make changes until we are back on our feet again. It was a difficult to make but I feel that we owe it to everyone who supports the magazine or ever has regardless of how to do everything in our power to save it and ensure the future moving forward there’s still so much we want to do but for now I am proposing for the rest of the year the magazine will be bi-monthly it cost £420.00 per issue to release the magazine in its current form, so should we not raise enough money the next step will be to move to online magazine only, which is a move I am hoping to not have to make. if you can support us in any way we would be very grateful – even just sharing social media posts helps us especially during crowdfunding campaigns.

Changes at Norwich Nights Magazine May 2020.

As many of you know we have been using the time in lockdown to review our services going forward. We are making the following changes:

Firstly and this is the one we are most excited about we are making Norwich Nights FREE to Norwich. The plan is to initially limit this to 100-125 copies at venues across Norwich Starting in 3 June 2020 due to many venues being currently closed it may be a while longer before the full list of venues have copies of the magazine, we will update you as we go along. In the meantime if you would like a copy delivered to you please fill out the form below.

Norwich Nights Magazine will from 2020 publish 10 issues a year, July and December will be join issues with NO ISSUES PUIBLISHED IN THE MONTHS AUGUST AND JANUARY.

What can we do for you?


When we created Norwich Nights Magazine we were certain from the begining that we wanted to so much more than an advertising platform. We have all seen to often the magazine crammed with advertising, so much so its just distracting. The truth of the matter is all magazines need advertising to survive some more than others depending on whether it’s a free or paid for publication, financial backing etc.

We limited the amount of advertising space to provide our customers with a smoother read and our advertisers with increased visibility, we are constantly adding other services though like, book pages, creator’s Corner, lowering advertising rates, charity rates etc.


We want the local community and business community to get the most use out of our magazine, so we work very hard at providing services that can be accessed for free.

Charity Rates:

In response to Covid – 19 we lowered our advertising rates and froze them for the year. I am going to post the charity rates below as they obviously changed too.

Half Page Advert – Free

Full Page Advert – £3.50

Double page – £6.00

Inside Back Cover £7.50

For Design Service Add £2.50

We want our services to be accessible for all.

We are constantly evolving as a new business, we want to thank everyone for their support, we will be trying out new ideas over the coming months and running polls to see which ones you liked.

The Tale of Two Publications.

Introducing the new global platform of Norwich Nights Magazine.

Hi everyone,

Norwich Nights Magazine has been running for a few months and while it is early days for us and we’re praying we survive the current health crisis, something has become obvious. We currently have an international audience, in fact our views in USA currently equal our UK audience, we have 14 countries tuning into the blog regularly and many of the authors featured are from outside Norwich, In short the magazine is evolving past Norfolk on a regular basis. It’s still quite amazing to us that our little city is of interest to the outside world.

We wanted to find a way that supported and encouraged our international audience, without losing the local focus within the magazine.

Here’s what we decided to do, we are creating Everyday Entertainment Magazine as our global platform all content from outside of Norfolk/Suffolk will continued to be placed in Norwich Nights Magazine, while maintaining Everyday Entertainment Magazine will contain content from further afield. To offer the best service to everyone Everyday Entertainment will be online only for the next few months while we plan the first print issue and the option of a launch. Gaming content will be posted to both blogs, as we believe Norwich should continue to benefit from the advance content our gaming connections provide.

There is the option of merging the two publications later on down the line, a decision on that is likely to come later in 2020/early 2021.

For now we believe this will allow us to tighten the niche of a magazine meant for the Norwich public, while producing more content for our readers.

All Content for Norwich Nights Remains unchanged, we hope you will support us as we make this changes and any questions can be directed to Melissa Compton at

our new links:






That’s all for now we will keep you informed.