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Here at Norwich Nights Magazine we felt now was the right time to write a little blog detailing the impact and changes the current health crisis will mean for the magazine and how we intend to survive and move forward.

All members of the team work remotely so our day to day activities have little distribution as the editor I have chosen to self-isolate due to pre-existing health conditions for the 12-week period recommended by the government. we have no concerns regarding our print copies which our usually delivered wrapped in plastic and then wrapped in cardboard. We are delaying our plans to make the magazine available in local shops to reduce handling concerns at this time. next content….


As with all small businesses we are adapting the content of the magazine so you may notice a few differences removal of the diary pages, with theatres having to close and restaurants and pubs moving to delivery and take-away services we decided to remove the diary pages for the time being. there will be less reviews for the same reason, we are seeing this as an opportunity to explore more content areas, the magazine will still be full of all the great content you’re used to just more tailored to the growing situation.


We always seek to offer the best quality for money with our services, due to the fact that many businesses will be suffering during this time we have revised our advertising prices, but here’s the thing I wanted to be able to offer rates for the whole of 2020 a lot of yesterday was spend doing profit and loss predictions to find the best rates that we can offer for the rest of the year. So, we have scrapped box adverts and our rates now start at £15.00 per issue, with a range available from half-page adverts to the back cover. We are still limiting our advertising to a quarter of the magazine and will review the rates in January 2021.

That’s all for now we want to wish every one all the best in this difficult time and stay well and safe, be kind, be sensible and thank you for all your support

Love Norwich Nights Magazine.

Advertising Information and April Deals!

Just a quick update really if you are interested in advertising with us (April is a get month to try us out!), please email us in the instance at:

We are constantly looking to move forward, and we are hoping to expand the size of the magazine in May 2020, so we decided to substantially reduce the advertising rates for April Issue remember though as usual the spaces are limited so book soon!

We decided for our next issue we would do some advertising deals valid only for Issue 3 – we can’t hold these prices forever! The prices are below along with our current circulation figures as advertising is restricted to 10% of the magazine there are only 10 spots available and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Also note the design service is available but please add £10.00 to prices below (this is still a £40.00 discount on the design service).

Advertising special prices for Issue 3 (April) only!

Half Page Advert –      £35.00 – a saving of £115.00

Full Page Advert –       £70.00 – a saving of £190.00

Double Page Advert – £150.00 –a saving of £350.00

Inside Front Page –     £200.00 – a saving of £400.00

Inside Back Page –     £200.00 – a saving of £400.00

Payment to be made by: 25 March 2020.



Just a little post to let you know about the changes we are making for at the magazine and our thoughts moving forward. As you may have seen on our social media channel we launched an Indigogo campaign (will do a separate post about this later) a few days ago to raise funds to make Issue 4 (May) into a full-sized 92-pages magazine, unfortunately, we can’t do this without the necessary funds in place to cover paying writers, printing costs and other things. But as you will see from the campaign this means more local talent more voices and more features we are hoping to add sections on film, Norwich City Football, Ask the Editor, Ask the Writer and more

If you can support the campaign in any way please do, it would mean so much to us, but the changes don’t stop there as both the website and the Facebook shop are linked to Paypal and not necessarily simple to use, we will be selling on Amazon and eBay soon (I will post once it is up and running). We are constantly expanding the length of the magazine slowly and I am pleased to say that Issue 2 is 28 pages long and includes an introduction to a wonderful blogger and writer Zena Leech-Calton from Love Norwich Food. That’s about it for now.

Take Care

Love Norwich Nights x