Introducing The Self-Care Box

March’s Self-Care Box

We are proud to finally be able to reveal The Self-Care Box, part of the new Membership Boxes Collection. The Self- Care Box contains items to enable you to both treat you’re self to a relaxing evening as well as some tools to promote Self – Care during the month. Each box will include 4 items to treat yourself to a relaxing night such as bath salts, candle, facemask, chocolate/Tea/coffee plus a workbook, journal or planner plus an activity sheet and positivity stickers and a copy of the magazine.

This months Self-Care box was a little different due to time restrictions and contains more smaller items and has our 28-Day Planner but no activity sheet or stickers. Follow us on social media as we will upload the images of every month, of the box.

As previously mentioned, The Self-Care Box is part of a collection currently in development for our new membership (subscription) service. 5 boxes in total are planned The Self Care Box, The Book Box, The Business Box, The Food Box, The Theatre and Film Box, and The Gamer’s Box. With subscriber’s being able to choose the box they want upon sign up; the boxes will also be available for purchase separately – All boxes will release the first Wednesday of the month in line with the magazine publication dates.

For the next five months we will be introduction a new box each month with exciting giveaway’s on social media.

The Self Care Box is priced at £25.00 inc postage.

Magazine update August:

UPDATE: September’s issue will be distributed as normal. next month’s issue’s will only be available as a print copy by order from the website it’s free for all Norwich Residents just fill out the simple form here:

What can we do for you?


When we created Norwich Nights Magazine we were certain from the begining that we wanted to so much more than an advertising platform. We have all seen to often the magazine crammed with advertising, so much so its just distracting. The truth of the matter is all magazines need advertising to survive some more than others depending on whether it’s a free or paid for publication, financial backing etc.

We limited the amount of advertising space to provide our customers with a smoother read and our advertisers with increased visibility, we are constantly adding other services though like, book pages, creator’s Corner, lowering advertising rates, charity rates etc.


We want the local community and business community to get the most use out of our magazine, so we work very hard at providing services that can be accessed for free.

Charity Rates:

In response to Covid – 19 we lowered our advertising rates and froze them for the year. I am going to post the charity rates below as they obviously changed too.

Half Page Advert – Free

Full Page Advert – £3.50

Double page – £6.00

Inside Back Cover £7.50

For Design Service Add £2.50

We want our services to be accessible for all.

We are constantly evolving as a new business, we want to thank everyone for their support, we will be trying out new ideas over the coming months and running polls to see which ones you liked.

We’re looking for writer’s to volunteer with us.

Are you a writer looking for a platform to showcase your work? Have you considered contributing to a magazine.

Hi everyone,

I don’t often put out for calls for help, but these are difficult times. With the current health climate affecting small businesses so drastically I am feeling the need to focus on other areas of the business, such as increasing content, advertising and marketing and finding creative ways to spread the word and promote our little magazine so it survives to enable me to do that I am putting out this call for writers to volunteer with us to contribute to copy (write a feature or review).

As editor I get final decision on all content and must stress, the magazine has a positive outlook and our content reflects this.

The Details: what we expect.

Ideally you will contribute an article to the magazine, in return we will promote your work in and outside the magazine using our social media channels.

We expect that you are able to work independently and remotely and to strict deadlines. We have strict deadlines because of release dates and editing and printing times. It also saves a lot of time if you provide your own images.

For gaming reviews from time to time we may contact you to provide codes for upcoming games in return for a review such reviews are in strict confidence and quite often have a specific release date.

We will support you however we can including listing you in our contributors list.

Ideally we would like for you to commit to providing at least 1 article a month for 6 months.

If you would like to become a part of our team email me a sample of your writing and which area you are interested in to

This is initially a volunteer basis we are hoping to review in December 2020 with a view to looking at being able to pay our writers.

N.B Also if you are outside Norfolk and Suffolk you can also apply to write for our new publication Everyday Entertainment Magazine.


Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro on

We appreciate all support you can offer and we need that support more than ever to help us continue producing the magazine and grow moving forward. I promised a links post so I am posting these at the top.

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Instagram: @norwich_nights and @EverydayEntertainmentMagazine



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The Tale of Two Publications.

Introducing the new global platform of Norwich Nights Magazine.

Hi everyone,

Norwich Nights Magazine has been running for a few months and while it is early days for us and we’re praying we survive the current health crisis, something has become obvious. We currently have an international audience, in fact our views in USA currently equal our UK audience, we have 14 countries tuning into the blog regularly and many of the authors featured are from outside Norwich, In short the magazine is evolving past Norfolk on a regular basis. It’s still quite amazing to us that our little city is of interest to the outside world.

We wanted to find a way that supported and encouraged our international audience, without losing the local focus within the magazine.

Here’s what we decided to do, we are creating Everyday Entertainment Magazine as our global platform all content from outside of Norfolk/Suffolk will continued to be placed in Norwich Nights Magazine, while maintaining Everyday Entertainment Magazine will contain content from further afield. To offer the best service to everyone Everyday Entertainment will be online only for the next few months while we plan the first print issue and the option of a launch. Gaming content will be posted to both blogs, as we believe Norwich should continue to benefit from the advance content our gaming connections provide.

There is the option of merging the two publications later on down the line, a decision on that is likely to come later in 2020/early 2021.

For now we believe this will allow us to tighten the niche of a magazine meant for the Norwich public, while producing more content for our readers.

All Content for Norwich Nights Remains unchanged, we hope you will support us as we make this changes and any questions can be directed to Melissa Compton at

our new links:






That’s all for now we will keep you informed.



Here’s how the Treasure Hunt is going to work, sign on to our social media channels at 12 noon on Friday 24 April 2020 we will ask you to find four words from websites of local Norwich businesses and to put them in a sentence the first 3 people to do this will win one a goodie bag.

It couldn’t be much simpler right – can’t wait to see how you do

Bye Till Friday – remember you have to be in it to win it!