Shake off the lockdown blues with The Garage this Easter, with a range of online activities for the kids and the start of its summer term of classes.

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Meet the Easter Bunny, hunt for eggs, sing, dance and more at Easter Storytime, for ages 1-5, 10am-10.45am, 2 April.

Play games and dance at Let’s Dance Together, for ages two upwards, . It’s a great way for multiple households to get together and get creative. 10am-10.45am, 5 April

Have an amazing adventure with spring chicks, Easter bunnies and leaping lambs at My First Dance: Spring Special, for ages two-five, 10am-10.45am, 7 April.

Our summer term of classes begins online on 19 April. From fitness and dance to music and theatre, we really do have something for everyone, of any age. We are planning to open the building from 7 June and can’t wait to see everybody face-to-face again.

You can book for the Easter activities and our usual classes at

The Garage is excited to reveal the line-up for its first ever GarageFest, featuring artists who have taught or attended the Norwich performing arts centre.

The event will be live-streamed via The Garage’s Facebook from 2.30pm-5.30pm, Saturday 20 March.

Organised by The Garage’s Venue Services Coordinator Amelia Stephanides, it’s being staged in aid of the Chair’s Bursary Fund campaign. The money raised will help thousands of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and challenging circumstances take classes or courses at The Garage or its sister venue The Workshop in King’s Lynn.

Foolhardy Circus Arts have a 35-year history of producing comedy and circus-based routines with slick slapstick, polished skits, tons of circus skills and a sprinkling of anarchy.

Singer-songwriter Finn Doherty attended The Garage’s Musicians Development Programme from 2014-2017 and was later appointed one of our patrons. He made a name for himself Norwich’s music scene with various DIY releases in 2017-2018. He is set to launch new music later this year. 

Red Wine Talk are an alternative indie rock band from Norwich with powerful vocals, meaningful lyrics, rocking drums and the odd saxophone solo.

Jora the Fortuneteller are a four-piece alt-rock band based across East Anglia. Currently taking part in The Garage’s unsigned course, Jora have been crafting a whole new sound while in lockdown and are ready to explode into 2021! 

Headliner Millie Manders – of Millie Manders and The Shutup fame – is known for her electric live shows. The music press called her cross-genre punk “high-octane, fierce, bursting with attitude and almost obnoxiously addictive”. She also mentors The Garage’s Unsigned participants.

The Chair’s Bursary Fund was launched in honour of Maggie Wheeler, who recently retired from The Garage Trust’s board of trustees after seven years at the helm.

Adam Taylor, the trust’s executive director, said: “Our growth is a direct result of this incredible woman’s time, dedication, hard work and support. We can’t think of a better way to honour Maggie’s legacy than continuing to mentor and support young people to change their lives through the performing arts and these bursaries.”

Full details about the Chair’s Bursary Fund can be found here 

The Origins of Norwich Nights Magazine

People often comment to me than Norwich Nights Magazine is different from others available that’s because it was designed to be.

From its concept the magazine was born out of a desire to cover the areas of entertainment I was passionate about including areas that were underrepresented in mainstream media. Accessibility was a high priority from day 1.

I’d been writing for Cardiff Times Magazine for a little while and had visited Norwich on a few occasions and was always writing about local businesses, or my trip when I returned. So, when I was planning a move to Norwich, I started looking at how I would continue to write there, I looked at all the main publications, and for job vacancies within journalism. But essentially, I wanted to create something different.

A magazine centred around my core values of honesty, integrity and responsibility, a magazine that had the potential of being central to the local communities while focusing on celebrating and informing the public so they can make the most of there time in this amazing city. Let’s face it there’s no place on earth quite like Norwich, and I had fallen in love with the city (a love affair that never ends).

I decided that the only way to hold true to this vision was to create it myself, and so began the endless hours of research. As the core areas had been defined as food, theatre, and gaming. More than this, I wanted advertising that was both affordable and accessible to all, while not overwhelming the magazine as I wanted to keep the focus on the content. Also, as a small magazine it seemed crazy to invest in and have someone who basically just cold-called businesses all day long. Norwich Nights doesn’t cold call and never has. I advertise the advertising side of the magazine on social media and the website and occasionally sent out emails in the beginning. One of my dreams is to create a magazine with zero advertising, I would rather we did editorial on products and local companies. But the harsh reality is advertising is how magazines pay the bills. Next, I created the charity rates with advertising restricted to a quarter of the magazine and low advertising in general the charity rate was set 10% of the normal rate.

In October 2019 I started designing the logo’s, the colour scheme, and planning the social media and website in November 2019 they went live, the local support was fantastic straight from day 1.

Over the following months the first issue was planned and created, our colour scheme is our homage to Norwich City Football Club. On the first issue of Norwich Nights Magazine was released with a hope and prayer.

Hope you enjoyed my little recap of how the magazine got started and continue to support us for years to come.  

Christmas shows at The Garage in Norwich and The Workshop in King’s Lynn

Little Red Riding Hood by Andi Sapey

The Garage in Norwich and The Workshop in King’s Lynn will reteam with Norwich-based All-In Productions for two new Covid-19 secure My First shows for ages seven and under this Christmas.

My First Panto: Goldilocks and The Three Bears runs 27 November 2020 to 10 January 2021 at The Garage in Chapel Field North. My First Panto: Cinderella Rocks runs 16 December 2020 to 3 January 2021 at The Workshop in New Conduit Street.

The decision follows the success of The Garage and All-In Productions’ Covid-19 secure production of My First Show: Little Bo Peep and Her Missing Sheep which was part of the recent INTERLUDE festival in Norwich’s Chapelfield Gardens.

Adam Taylor, The Garage’s executive director and head of centre, said all venues and All-In Productions are applying everything learnt from Bo Peep to the Christmas shows. Both will feel different from pre-Covid productions while still being full of the interactive family fun the My First series is known for.

“There’ll be smaller audiences, two-metre distancing, face masks where appropriate. At the moment the shows will be end on. But this is a process, not a destination. When we made Bo Peep in August, the rules around singing changed. So we will be focusing on additional guidance over the coming months and going above and beyond to make sure our audiences feel safe and comfortable while still having fun.” 

My First Panto: Goldilocks and The Three Bears invites you to head out to the Wild West where Mummy Bear, Daddy Bear and Baby Bear live quite happily. Life is sweeter than an enormous jar of honey. But a mischievous wind is blowing down the prairie and with it the famous bandit Goldilocks, who causes havoc while they are at Old Man Rogers’ annual rodeo. What will she eat? What will she break? Where will she sleep? Most importantly – who will the pig wrestle? Sing, dance and play along with Goldilocks and the Bears in the only pantomime in Norwich that isn’t too hot, isn’t too cold but is just right. Tickets are on sale now from Your carriage awaits for My First Panto: Cinderella Rocks. Poor Cinders dreams of being a rock star but instead she must clean and cook for her ugly sister. Until then she just plays her guitar in the cellar to an audience of mice. Her life is turned upside down by Velcro, her fairy godmother in training, who joins Cinderella’s band and helps her on her way to play the music at the royal party with just a little bit of magic sparkle. But Cinderella will have to show the world how amazing she is quickly, as the magic will run out at midnight Tickets are on sale now at

Rapunzel by Andi Sapey

Going Digital update:

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Just to keep you all updated following our announcement that we are ceasing all free print copies from this week. We’ve been looking into digital options for a while now, but be assured that Norwich Nights Magazine will continue as usual while we do, so some more announcements.

We’ve have been considering for a long time (more or less since the beginning) how to make Norwich Nights more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and struggled for a while because well let’s face it magazines are made from paper which requires chopping down trees and printing on recycled paper is expensive.

Going digital and print on demand seems to the answer at this point, We can confirm that we are currently working on a Google App, we’re adding a PDF subscription offer which will be £14.00 for the year any sign-up in 2020 will automatically get October, November, and December 2020 for free then all 10 issues in 2021. Also we are looking to update the website in January when the current website expires, so we can then offer online advertising, reach a wider audience: the magazine website is currently limited in terms of SEO tools etc which restricts our reach, and we also want to add a donate button to the blog that was currently suggested by readers of the blog. We are also in the process of creating a digital media kit for and this will operate as a page of the website and be downloadable as a PDF.

Our application for funding failed, we were planning to use that, to fund writers and equipment, so it is essential to raise the cost of our advertising following the reduction we implemented for 2020 – our advertising currently starts from £15.00 for a half page and is valid until the December issue 2020, I will announce the new rates in a later update. We are also launching sponsorship packages soon.

Finally we have parted ways with the publishing service, and have added Magloft instead this month so you can read the magazine for free on Magloft or, or

Will be back soon with more updates.

The World’s Sexiest Zombie Slayers Slash Through Zombies in Sensuous Style as Reimagined “Onee Chanbara Origin” Heads for PlayStation®4 and PC on 14th October!

D3PUBLISHER Inc. Announces English Reimagining of the Classic Hack ‘n Slash “Onee Chanbara” Series for North America and Europe.

London, UK — 8th September 2020 — D3PUBLISHER Inc., a leading Japanese games publisher, is excited to announce today that Japanese high-speed action hack ‘n slash zombie slayer game, “Onee Chanbara Origin“ will resurrect new life into a North American and European digital launch on 14th October for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC via Steam®.

“Onee Chanbara Origin” is a complete HD remake with all-new art style graphics and optimised storytelling, combining both “The Onechanbara” and “The Onechanbara 2” games, which were originally released for PlayStation®2 in 2004 and 2005. Now featuring all renewed main character designs, redesigned by main character “Onechanbara” series designer Katsumi Enami, “Onee Chanbara Origin” tells a new interpretation of the story of the two half-sisters, Aya and Saki, bound by mutual hatred and locked in a brutal fight to the death, eventually overcoming their cruel fate and fighting alongside one another to find their father in this high-speed action-adventure hack ‘n slash game series.

Bikini-Zombie Slayer Aya facing the Undead

“Onee Chanbara Origin” follows the zombie-hunters, Aya and Saki’s fate into destroying each other and leads into the second of the series, “The Onechanbara 2”. After the sisters overcome their cruel fate in killing one another, they overcome their rivalry against one another and ally together to depart on their journey of finding their father, Oboro, after he leaves behind a message that names “Eva” as the mastermind behind his wife’s death and all of the chaos that ensued between the two sisters, including the vice that made Saki insane and hell-bent on avenging her mother. Little do they know they are coming even closer to the truth and their true enemy.

Play as a zombie hunter and battle through the stages with high-speed real-time swordplay, completing objectives and tasks while hacking and brawling through hordes of the Undead. Each character’s weapons become progressively covered in blood as players fight off zombies in gruesome detail. Occasionally, players may even transform into demons for short bursts of added power and energy with the downside cost of life energy. Each zombie hunter has her own unique abilities, and skilful play is rewarded for cooler combinations. Players can enjoy the game with full English voice-acting or play through with the original Japanese performances with English subtitles.

To watch or embed the brand-new “Onee Chanbara Origin” release date trailer on YouTube, please head here.

Developed by Tamsoft and published by D3PUBLISHER, “Onee Chanbara Origin” will be released digitally on PlayStation®Store and PC via Steam on 14th October, which players and fans can now wishlist today. This game has been rated “M for Mature” by the ESRB. To stay up to date on the latest regarding “Onee Chanbara Origin”, please visit the official website. D3PUBLISHER’s website can be found at

Who Are Norwich Nights LTD?

Norwich Nights Ltd is the company that runs Norwich nights Magazine which started in Norwich in February 2020 focusing on theatre, food, and gaming the magazine is designed to be a celebration of those industries within Norwich and now South Wales too.

The Magazine is run by Melissa Compton, the director at Norwich Nights and includes features from local writers, while Melissa is a new name to Norwich (or was in February 2020) she has more of a connection within Wales.

Melissa moved to Wales in 2011 to Risca in County Caerphilly before moving to Swansea 2 years later to settle. In 2017 she began studying English and Media at Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2017 and the following year began writing entertainment reviews for Cardiff Times Magazine, and working in the office on the blog and social media posts. After completing over 30 reviews for Cardiff Times she started Cardiff Let’s Talk Theatre before relocating to Norwich to start running the magazine.

In July 2020 Melissa returned to Swansea, and the idea for the South Wales connection was born and began taking shape, after meeting many travellers and business owners in Norwich who had settled from Wales only to visit regularly, the connections between Norwich and Wales became clear, one conversation struck a cord with Melissa it was the one that revealed a person visiting Wales had no idea what was open, what there was to do, it became obvious there was a need to share information. Also with Businesses like Norfolk Gin distributing to both Norwich and Cardiff, the connections are many. The new section will celebrate food, theatre, and gaming within Wales and the magazine will be available in both locations.

Melissa hopes that you enjoy the new section and come along with the magazine as it gives South Wales the coverage it deserves and continues to serve the Norwich community including its Welsh residents.

Magazine update August:

UPDATE: September’s issue will be distributed as normal. next month’s issue’s will only be available as a print copy by order from the website it’s free for all Norwich Residents just fill out the simple form here:

HNC Scholarships at The Garage, Norwich!

Photography credit: The Garage, Norwich

Despite the Government’s recent £1.57billion lifeline, this is an extremely challenging time for the creative industry and the next generation of artists. Which is why The Garage is today offering scholarships to people looking to forge a career in this vital sector.

Successful HNC Performing Arts Programme applicants will get the full cost of their fees up to £6,000 and £200 to help them buy books and materials.

Beth Norman, Learning Manager, said: “The Garage recognises this has been an incredibly difficult time for the performing arts and for those wishing to forge a career in the industry.

“We hope by launching our scholarships we can boost the industry by giving vital support to the potential future workforce of this vital sector and at the same time support equality, diversity and inclusion.”

Scholarships are available for:

  • Those facing financial hardship
  • Those who are over 21
  • Those who have overcome significant barriers to learning
  • Dance excellence
  • Musicality excellence
  • The performing arts industry award for people already working in the creative section looking to further their career
  • The diversity scholarship. The aim being to encourage more local individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to consider a career in the performing arts
Photography credit: The Garage, Norwich

Adam Taylor, Executive Director and Head of Centre, said: “We know times are hard and that many families’ incomes have been slashed through cuts in wages or the looming of a potential redundancy. But aspirations remain high in the young people who take part in our dance and drama classes, so we knew we needed to do something to help.

“We are so very pleased to be announcing eight scholarships on our HNC programmes for accepted students on our September starting courses. It is crucial for us  to support those who face barriers to education and the performing arts sector whatever this may be.” 

Those interested can find out more about each award and download an application form at

The assessment panel will include a member of The Garage, a board trustee and an independent. Applications must be emailed to by 24 August.

Photography credit: The Garage, Norwich

Diccon Hogger, Accredited Courses Manager and Lead Lecturer, said The Garage prides itself on its accessibility to its activities and the scholarships are evidence of that vision.

He added: “Performing arts training is crucial for the continuance of the industry, especially in these changing times. Our scholarships allow for local talented artists to access high quality performing arts skills training in acting, dance and musical theatre right here in Norwich.

“The scholarships will effectively cover the course costs, enabling the students to fully focus on developing their skills and understanding of the performing arts industry and to plan their future as a potential professional artist.”