The South Wales Connection.

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The new section of Norwich Nights Magazine aims to connect Welsh residents in Norwich or Norfolk and vice versa with the best entertainment news in Wales, creating a combined approach to the entertainment features, reviews and general content in Norwich Nights Magazine.

Covering the same great content from the food, theatre, and gaming industries as well as the occasional sport centred feature covering Swansea, Cardiff, and Newport this additional content to our Norwich features is the perfect companion we all of our great features such as reduced advertising, a front cover dedicated to showing off the local area and more…

Celebrating The Welsh Entertainment Industry


We publish features on food, theatre, and gaming. We also sometimes publish features on sport as well as our book pages.

The features in this part of the magazine will showcase the Welsh entertainment industry and ensure no-one in South Wales or Norfolk will ever again say I don’t know what’s available.

Our advertising service works a little differently, you can book advertising via email, we take a very personal approach. We’re the magazine that wants your business to do well.

All adverts include free blog advert with social media support from the date of payment (not insertion), and our charity rates ensure charities can afford to advertise too at 10% of the normal rate. With rates starting as low as £65.00

We do reviews on food, theatre, and gaming both by invitation and independently.

Our approach to reviewing is that reviews should be honest, give detail and reflect the positive attitude of the magazine.

Design and Distribution

Each page of the magazine is designed by our Editor Melissa using a variety of software and her unique focus on detail, care and attention giving the magazine it’s unique style.

Norwich Nights Magazine currently distributes via local venues in Norwich and is extending this to Swansea, and also distributes online via 3 platforms at no cost to the reader. Postal Subscriptions are available as well as free order for Swansea and Norwich residents.

Showcasing the Welsh entertainment industry as we keep you informed about what’s on offer in South Wales.

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